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Combat Anti-Semitism

Teaching Materials to Combat anti-Semitism

Date: 2 April 2007, Type: Book

These teaching materials were developed by ODIHR and the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam, in co-operation with experts from several OSCE participating States.

The materials consist of three parts, each covering a particular aspect of anti-Semitism:

- Part 1 is on the history of anti-Semitism;

- Part 2 covers contemporary forms of anti-Semitism;

- Part 3 looks at anti-Semitism as one of many forms of discrimination.

The materials also include a comprehensive guide for teachers.The materials were designed to allow flexibility to schools and teachers in terms of where to place such subject matter in their curriculum: they could fit easily into such subjects as History, Religious Studies, Literature, Social Studies, or be used on an interdisciplinary basis.

One innovative aspect of this project is that the materials produced are not of the one-size-fits-all variety. Instead, the project partners worked closely with national experts to produce materials specific to the context of each of the pilot countries.

As a result, teachers and students in the Netherlands, for example, will have course books that are not only written in Dutch but also rely on Dutch experiences and examples.

The same is the case for the other countries: Croatia, Denmark, Germany, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia and Ukraine. Currently ODIHR is co-operating with national experts on customized country versions for Austria, Spain and Sweden.

By way of presenting representative samples, ODIHR provides an English translation of each of the parts - Part 1 of the Lithuanian version, Part 2 of the Polish version, and Part 3 of the Dutch version.
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